Platinum Properties, Inc.

                                 The LoPiparo Building                                 707 NE Knott St.
                        Portland, OR 97212

  • Apartment and multi-plex units
  • Single family homes
  • Great locations throughout Portland and in Newberg
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Maui, Hawaii: vacation rental
  • Palm Desert, California: vacation rental
  • Eagle Crest, Oregon:  vacation rental
  •  Contact us today for details.



Established in 1987 by Portland resident George LoPiparo Jr.,  Platinum Properties, Inc. has experienced phenomenal growth. Specializing in residential property management, Platinum Properties offers some of the finest apartments, duplexes, houses and multi-unit properties in Portland.

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1 bedroom units

2 bedroom units

2540 NE 15th
--October 15--


2628 NE 15th
-November 1st-

3 bedroom units

8008 NE Fremont



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